To sabotage the sky

Performance. “Sabotear el cielo”/ “To sabotage the sky”. Part of “Barnacles” Wearables project.  Lost In Translation in the Future of Code Politics II, Kampnagel Hamburg, Germany.


The saboteur barnacle and it is a controlled remote sci-fi device. It was presented in the performance “Sabotear el cielo”/ “To sabotage the sky” based on Paz Peña’s text “SIGNAL THE DRONE: SURVEILLANCE OF BODIES FROM THE SOUTH” . The text is about the complex political situation of indigenous people in the South of Chile and the surveillance regime that has operated in their land through drones since 2012. The idea was to reimagine a possible self-defence against drones through lasers and sound. “Lost in Translation I: Extractivism of bodies and territories” was curated by Lucia Egaña and Coding Rights and was part of the conference The future of codepolitics at Kampnagel Hamburg. The performance is available in the streaming link (28:26). Controlled by remote, the device triggered an audio file that contained field recordings from the forest of the south of Chile registered by me on February 2022, among FM synthesis. The controller used for this was the Mugic sensor.

KW: Mobile sensor – saboteur – Disobey – Refuse Hack- Glitch- Self-defense – Defy