In the 4th region of Chile, near to Valle del Elqui, there is a cultural countryside house called La Comarca. Different projects are developed there, such as workshops, art encounters and parties. At the house old barn, Skate Pipes were built for kids and youngster that practice everyday.

Here is where it took place “La experimental experience”, an art and experimental music encounter organized by La Productora Mutante. In this event different media artist and bands reunited exhibit their projects and perform jam sessions.

In this occasion, I decided to make a sound action related to the skate pipes and its resonance. I performed with different materials founded around the building, such as metal bars, carved logs and a traffic cone. Also, with the pipes acoustics. I moved with my speaker with LFO frequencies variations around the space and these objects. I discovered resonances that allowed me to perform real time compositions that merged with the skaters’ swing and fluctuations.

Sound Action. La Experimental Experience. 4th Region. Chile. February, 2018.