Inhabiting Resonances


Inhabiting Resonances was a sound action produced in Cohabitar Sonoro ~.

Colcura is a placed in the south of Chile with different social problematics. One of them is the precarious urbanism and its particular architecture. In the river of Colcura, there is an squatted territory where settlers build their houses and streets. One of these streets was a large and narrow passageway near to the sea. Inhabiting Resonances was an action that explored and measure the sound performative of this territory.

Cohabitar Sonoro~ (Sound Inhabit) was an art residence placed in Lota, a town in the South of Chile (January 14 – 21, 2018). This emblematic town have several social and environmental problems such as pollution, waste, poverty and education. These are related to historical and economic development, intensified by patriarchy and neo-colonialism. All of these contrast with the beautiful landscapes of shoreline and its flora and fauna. The final work exhibitions were a performative circuit for emblematic public places in Puerto Nuevo such as the fortress viewpoint, the fisherman port, passageways, train tunnels and the bay. These actions established a dialog with the territory aesthetic and problematics, creating ephemeral art events. The different poetics were traced by experimentation with voice, dispositives, interfaces, microphones, acoustics , mapping, and so on.

Cohabitar Sonoro was a self-managed project of Cohabitar, organized and curated by Genesis Victoria and hosted by CasaTrewa, experimental art residency. Cohabitar Sonoro~ is the 5th version of Cohabitar Performance Residency (