Sound Design – “Descension” – for Rebecca Erin Moran’s installation DARKROOM. The Reykjavik Art Museum. Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Rebecca Erin Moran’s text:

“2021, sound, 20m38s
conceived, written, and vocal recordings by Rebecca Erin Moran
made in collaboration with Sound Designer Genesis Victoria

commissioned by the Reykjavik Art Museum for the exhibition Iðavöllur
as a part of the installation darkROOM


The smell was strong. It couldnt even be categorized as a smell. Stench. S. tasted that word, the feeling of it in the mouth felt like the festering inside their body. A resitance, a clenching, and then biting something solid. Recoil and dig in. This is the edge
S. longs for; repulsion appeal. Eating pleasure, tasting shit.
Their head turns slowly in the darkness but the horizon does not change. Only the smells, and undulating sounds from any and all directions. Slowly, S. reaches out an arm towards the sound of breathing. Close, but not in reach. Breathing deep and wet like a meditation searching for the shadow instead of light. S. allows the arm to fully extend, opening clenched palm, fingers rubbing against concrete.

Just over one arms length away, S. guesses.
Fucking. Fucking not licking because the breath is two breaths, not one plus sucking. S. edges a little closer. Waiting until the air stopped up inside erupts in spurts. This was the smell, swirling up each nostril, a salty lick against the brain. The mind relaxes then, and almost in sync they exhale. There is a sound of shuffling then, body parts rearranging. Pulling together, or maybe apart. The sticky squeek of shoes moving farther away. Missing the heat of their nearness. S. spreads out fully against the moist wall. Sliding guiding gliding back towards the dim entrance. The beats and sounds growing louder, penetrating their ears.”