Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Animal, Becoming-Imperceptible


Video-performance made within the 2nd experimental video residence Vórtice, organized by INVE. Valparaíso, April 2016. Action performed in the rocky shores of Wheelwright promenade, in front of the sea wolves’ lair.

Register: Camila Colussi

Post-production: Génesis Victoria


Devenir intenso, devenir animal, devenir imperceptible


Video-performance y acción silente. Realizada en el marco de la 2da residencia Vortice organizada por INVE. Valparaíso, abril 2016. Acción en roquerío del paseo wheelwright, frente a la lobera del muelle Barón.

Registro: Camila Colussi

Post-producción: Génesis Victoria