Big Noise

Big Noise is inspired by my recent trip to Iceland and the experience of visiting the Fagradalsfjall volcano. Currently, the volcano’s landscape is constantly renewing itself with its own matter, a prehistoric eruption of the old soil from the depths of the earth.

I wanted to capture the sensations of being in this sci-fi landscape: the warmthness of the lava crust contrasting the intense cold wind, the strange fluidity of the magma, the rumbling sensation of the volcano and the overwhelming peacefulness of being there, maybe enhanced by the volcano’s gas emanations and it strong trippy smell. 

Thus, I summarize these sensations on the idea of Big Noise, post-human sonic entities beyond our human scale. Big Noise is a reminder that we move through a giant creature-s whose face does not resemble ours, whose dimensions are immeasurable and whose activity could end up with an entire village in a couple of hours. We are surrounded by big noises: thunders, volcanos, earthquakes, even the unsound of a pandemic like the current one. Big measurements, immense scale.