This sound action explores the different possibilities of sound acoustic in the Art Faculty of University of Chile. Carrying out common and childish movement, I made an acoustic exploration with a sound suit. This sound suit has a leg-pocket that holds a bluetooth loudspeaker transmitting modulated frequencies. These modulated frequencies reverberate in walls, little places and corners, revealing the micro acoustics in it. These micro acoustics are paths that trace sensory data. After tracking these paths, I moved forward to The Nest, an intermediate courtyard where a prepared a sound installation and performance. These courtyard has a special acoustic because of its resonance; the place is near to bathrooms and big empty classrooms. The nest was activated by different sound devices; an atari punk, microphone, random digital noises and frequencies generated in pure data.

Register: Ce Pams / Ornella Raglianti

Post-Production: Génesis Victoria

THE NEST is the part of Micro-Acoustic Paths Project

Micro-Acoustic Paths Project ~

Micro-Acoustic Paths is a sound action project where I wear sounds, in order to explore different acoustics in different spaces.

Thus, I seek the micro-acoustics of objects that generates the reverberation of frequencies. Sound allows us to get closer to he thingness dimension of objects, the nearness (Heidegger); an aesthetic of sound that offers another connection to the sensitive world. From these sound experiences, the dimensions and scales either from objects or spaces varies, in order to become micro-acoustics.

The sound suit –manufactured by the artist Deysi Cruz– is a prosthetic device that allows the merging of movement and sound, because its has different pockets for different materials. These pockets can hold various sound gadgets (speakers, jingle bells, interfaces, circuits, and so on). Also this suit allows the appearance of a primitive sensory play and with this, different mutable atmospheres

In the fragility of this ephemeral compositions, the frequencies bounces in order to reveal this micro-acoustic diversity.

Throughout this performance I can work with the sensory and the social memory of spaces.




En esta acción se exploraron las distintas posibilidades del sonido en las dependencias de la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile. A partir de movimientos comunes e infantiles, se realizó una exploración espacial de las diversas acústicas posibles del lugar. Las frecuencias moduladas, transmitidas por un parlante inalámbrico adosado a mi pierna, reverberaban en las murallas, desplegando diversas trayectorias sonoras variables, “paths”, a partir del movimiento. El “nest”, punto de partida-punto de llegada, fue un patio intermedio, un lugar de transición – entre el baño y las salas- activado por diversos dispositivos y su reverberación en el espacio.