Nostalgie des Wassers

“Nostalgie des Wassers” is a performance research project that aims to create a collective cartography of experiences, bodies, and memories surrounding the canals of Berlin and the element of water. Through interviews, images, and sounds, we present narratives of the city’s microhistory, portraying Berlin as a body and the canals as its veins. It is through these veins that the history, memories, nostalgia for other waters, laughter, diverse perspectives, and emotions of its inhabitants flow. Ultimately, water is depicted as the element that gives rise to life and resides within our bodies.

Ana Barros, Chilean multidisciplinary artist, lives in Berlin. She explores the different areas between body art, dance, choreography, performance and visual art. Her artistic work is based on the body as a discursive vehicle and explores the limits of resistance and the transfiguration of the body. She also works as a curator of performance art in art galleries. Graduate in Performing Arts from the University Mayor Santiago, Chile.

Josefina Valdovinos studied dance with a focus on performance at the Academia de Humanismo Cristiano University in Santiago de Chile and completed a Master’s degree in Theatre Pedagogy at the Berlin University of the Arts. She works as a dancer and theatre-maker in projects in the independent scene of Santiago and Berlin.

Genesis Victoria is a performance, sound art, media art artist with a focus on body and technology. They studied art theory and history and completed a postgraduate diploma in sound art at the University of Chile. In addition, Genesis did a Master’s degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Universität der Kunst Berlin.

Funded by Darstellende Künste e.V. / Rechercheförderung