FOUND FOOTAGE. Genesis P. Orridge S/ he is her /e (Genesis Victoria remix). Experimental film .UDK BERLIN. 2020

“Nomad Souls (Omikron) – Genesis P. Orridge S/ he is her /e remix” is a tribute to Genesis P. Orridge and the video game “Omikron; Nomad souls”. It invites us to witness, in a 3D found footage and remix, the possibility of transmutation and fluidity presented by the game and Genesis’ poetry: sonic identities beyond the binary conception of gender. As a trans-non-binary artist, references are messages and fragments of my own identi(ties), trans-medias are sigils part of the atemporal herd that constitutes my presence, a remix of the referents that have built my own mutant and fluid self. My identity flows through a sonic perspective: I’m sound, I’m within the world and its virtualities and materialities.

In the 2000s game, the gamer is invited to inhabit diverse bodies in order to navigate a cyborg world threatened by soul-eating demons. Thus we as players are transformed into a nomadic soul, an identity of constant process and flux, but also in different game mechanics – RPG, fighting, racing and so on. Regarding the remixed track, Genesis P. Orridge is invoked here as a sonic magician and a word queer architect: Genesis P. Orridge’s presence is a milestone regarding gender dissidence, magic, mysticism and noise: their track “S/ he is her /e” captures the fluidity and impermanence of the masquerade of words, sound and gender. 

Also, as a statement, this homage is a short manifesto and invitation on the importance of videogames archives in queer history and stories, beyond the mainstream gaming culture and the well-known misogyny/transphobia/queerphobia inside of the incel culture, within the imaginary and the gamer community. In this sense, Nomad Souls and Quantic Dreams, its developers, has been an important reference for the construction of queer imaginaries in video games.