We found a lump in the sand. We didn’t know if it was garbage or a corpse. We dug up with great curiosity and fear. Our bodies were sweat. Hard work and effort. The lump rised up from the ground. It was a huge bag. Forgotten container. We took it into the sea and we cleaned it. We went looking around its multiform shape, waiting for answers.

We got into the big bag, like an amniotic pack. That bag was our second skin, a collective skin, our “matriz” (uterus, matrix, mother). Wrapped, we returned to the sea with difficult moves. We had lost our human shape, our individual body. The bag embodied us; a great amorphous shape in its path to infinite. The liquidity flooded us without touching. It was time to be born.

After this reborn, we look the big industries unfolding in front of us. Impressive, magnificent, grotesque. ¿Where did we arrive? With this resonant question, we moved forward to unattach us from the bag. In that moment a naval van with officers broke the primal rite that we had constructed, without questioning. Another violence from reality

Génesis Victoria


“Ventanas” is a peripheral village in the 5th region of Valparaiso, Chile. It is called a sacrifice zone because of the great quantity of contamination created by the settlement of industries in the coast. These industries privatized the natural resources of the region, impoverishing the local production. People has been affected by many environmental disasters of the industries, like oil spill on the sea and coast. The result of this are deceases like cancer spreading over the population. It is only a matter of time for “Ventanas” to become an inhabitable place.

As artists we can only register, significate, remember and activate. Make memory to not forget.