Alien Flower

Wearable. Alien Flower. Part of “Barnacles” Wearables project. Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, UdK Berlin. 2022

My first dispositive is called alien flower and it was developed to be worn in the back as a pvc harnesses, in order to provide movement and weight to the body. Its design was created from a process of synthesising organic shapes and plastic materials. It was presented at the Gesture-Sound Interaction and Embodied Music Cognition 2022 Finals performance at UdK. Here is my work with Tat Sham 00.8 min The concept was the affordance/un-affordance of watching TV (zapping) and the gestualities of it. The sound design was based in found footage of chinese and chilean soap-opera, anime and synthesis sounds that were triggered by specific gestures. In this way the body transform into a remote control. To trigger this, the controller used was a Mugic sensor.

KW: Prototype – Designing – methodology (abstraction) – affordance/un-affordance – art /design